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Donate to Brian's Generosity Ministry or the Sandi House

God's Provisions for

Brian's Generosity Ministry

Brian does not receive any guaranteed salary for his faith-based generosity ministry.  He is truly dependent on God to be His Provider.  Here are the ways God has been chosen to bless Brian's work and provide for his ministry and family.

  • DONATIONS: If you feel led by the LORD to help support Brian's national and global generosity ministry you can make an ONLINE tax-deductible donation to the "Generosity Ministry" at the website of the First Evangelical Free Church of Colorado Springs.  Note: 100% of your donation will go directly to help Brian's ministry and family.  OR MAIL YOUR TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CHECK to First E-Free Church - RE: Generosity Ministry - 3022 W. Fontanero, Colo Springs, CO 80904.

  • BOOKS & MATERIALS: Churches, ministries, organizations, and individuals purchase his materials online or at live events.

  • HONORARIUMS & TRAVEL: Groups that invite Brian to speak normally provide honorariums and/or love offerings along with covering travel costs.

  • FOUNDATIONS & MAJOR FUNDERS: Brian provides professional services to foundations and major funders.  Through their strategic and leveraged investment, with the LORD's help he can help launch a multi-church community-wide or country-wide multi-church campaign called,                     40 Days of Generosity - Learn|Serve|Give These campaigns can inspire thousands of people to become more generous, strengthen churches and ministries, mobilize thousands of people to help the needy, and raise millions of dollars for the LORD's work.  Please click here to review this website and then contact Brian Kluth personally (719.930.4000/cell or to discuss this further.

  • GOD'S CREATIVE PROVISIONS: In addition to the above mentioned provisions, God has also blessed Brian, his family, and his ministry through many other creative one-time and on-going provisions.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Brian is accountable to the church elder board and finance committee for any funds donated to the church for his "Generosity Ministry."

Is God prompting you to give to Brian's "Generosity Ministry".  If YES, CLICK HERE.


Sandi House in Uganda

for Orphans and Needy Girls

Brian's wife, Sandi, passed away in 2010 after an 8 year cancer journey.  In honor of her life, light, and legacy of loving others, an 88-bed dormitory and ministry was started in Uganda to help orphans and needy girls and boys.

  • ONE-TIME OR OCCASIONAL DONATIONS are needed for clothing, food, school supplies, bedding, medical care, and special needs.

  • CHILD & ORPHAN SCHOLARSHIP SPONSORS are needed to help underwrite the school and living costs for a school year ($41.01/month OR $125 quarterly OR $500 annually).

  • For more information on this ministry or to make a donation, go to:



God is not unfair.  He will not forget the love you showed for Him by the help you gave and are still giving your fellow Christians.

Hebrews 6:10


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Brian Kluth - Cell/text: 719.930.4000


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